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Rent of warehouses in “Parque Empresarial Granland” – Badalona

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Sale of warehouses in “Parque Empresarial Granland” – Badalona

We currently offer warehouses for sale from 636 m2. The Business Park is composed of cutting-edge open-plan modular warehouses. The warehouses have an area of at least 323 m2 per level. The ground floor warehouse is 7 metres high with several windows providing natural light. It also offers a bathroom with a shower and a toilet. It can be accessed by a sectional trailer door with huge dimensions of 5×5 m. and a fine pedestrian door with an inox steel finish, which gives an absolutely independent access to the upper level.


Ground floor warehouses have a clear height of 5 metres; they have a glass curtain wall and an office area equipped with a suspended ceiling and a sandstone porcelain tile floor, as well as another toilet area. These benefits are complemented by the reserved space for the service lift and, for cutting-edge warehouses, a reserved space for the lift. The decks have large skylights providing natural light to the entire upper floor of the warehouse.


Another of our premises has always been to build stronger structures. We use reinforced concrete pillars and prestressed concrete with wrought in the foundations. This structure makes it possible to get an overload resistance using 3000 kg / m2 on the ground floor and 1,000 kg / m2 on the first floor; this allows working with heavy machinery while following every regulation and being very strict about the quality.


Maximum energy efficiency in the industrial park buildings is achieved by means of the incorporation of weatherproof pre-lacquered steel roof decking with glass wool insulation, double glazed curtain wall façade with a cavity wall, UV sunblock and reflective glass, and a sandwich panel with acoustic and thermal insulation. At the bottom part of the façade is a concrete block enclosure with a single layer cavity wall in the outer side which is rendered and painted in the inner layer in order to make it more fire-resistant.

Another aspect to be emphasized is that all warehouses have metal supports on the deck in anticipation of a bedplate for air conditioning installation or solar panels. These details make our façades as clear as possible with an homogeneous appearance.

Facilities, characteristics / qualities of warehouses



Sandstone porcelain tile paving, suspended ceiling and glass curtain wall façade or double glazed lacquered aluminum hardware ironmongery large windows with cavity wall, UV protective and reflective glass.



Warehouses have got a telecommunications closet with the telephone and radio/television services pre-installed. They also have a reserve of tubes from the boundaries of the parcel to the inside of the warehouse in order to facilitate the fiber optic installation.


Electrical closet built-in the façade with the CGP, ground connection and some space for the electricity meters. The bathrooms are made with an electrical pre-installation of mechanisms and points of light.


Closet for the electricity meter, plumbing installation, and a bathroom feed system totally equipped with faucets.

Sewerage network

System for collecting rainwater and sewage with conduct tips upon leaving public sanitation based on current spill control regulations. This system connects to the two toilet modules on the ground and first floors.


The warehouses has a toilet on ground floor with industrial washbasins and two independent rooms, one with a shower and other with a lavatory. On the upper level they have another bathroom with washbasins and two independent rooms men/women with lavatory. They also have static ventilation. The bathrooms are tiled in white across the height and the paving is of sandstone porcelain tile, with wooden doors and a fire door on ground floor.


Piped gas network in the industrial.


Deck-Roof composed of a sheet base of pre-lacquered steel with glass wool insulation and weatherproofing sheet of elastomeric bitumen. It is fixed with granulated self-protected polyester reinforcement felt.

Measures against fire

Party walls guarantee an excellent fire resistance FD180, the metallic doors FD 90 and the roof party wall FD 120, which is demanded for the neighbouring buildings.

Services, the added value

Services are an important part of The Parc Empresarial Granland Badalona Sud, We are presenting a park that needs good services both for the companies and for the neighbourhood. Currently, the park has four banks offices, and some others will soon join them. The range of services also includes an insurance brokerage office, establishments specializing in office automation (with products such as consumables for computers, fax, copiers, etc.), and establishments offering rental of audio-visual systems to do presentations and workshops. In the park, you will also find ITV service and a petroleum station with a mini market.


Restaurants also play an important role in the park. Currently, there are three restaurants, but the number will increase with the launch of the new office buildings to be constructed in the coming years. These restaurants focus on quality, with a ground floor serving food cafeteria-style and sit-down menus in the upper level. It is also planned to place some modular rooms to organize business meals. Companies will have the advantage of not having to move to Barcelona o Badalona centre.

Communications, the key issue / how to get there

Communications was the key issue we took into account when choosing this area of the city to locate the Parc Empresarial Granland Badalona Sud. These communications are the way to reinforce the urban role of the park. The park is accessible by the C-31 roadway as an extension of Gran Vía de Barcelona, exit Badalona sud, and the ring roads of Barcelona are easily accessible via exits 25, 26 and 27. These main roads are complemented with direct access by the zone of Diagonal Mar through Maristany avenue in Poble Nou in Barcelona.


In addition to this private communication network, public transport is also one of the added values of the park. Metro of Barcelona, Line 2 Sant Roc station is situated 5 minutes away from the park, and park visitors also will find themselves only 5 minutes away from the tramway station Besòs Sant Roc. You can also access the park by the train Cercanias Renfe. Bus numbers 43 and 44 along with busses of Badalona have initial and final stops only a few meters from the park.





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